Rainwater solutions for new or existing buildings.

We offer a range of practical and aesthetically pleasing spouting, guttering and fascia systems to enhance any residential or commercial project but also withstand the beautiful yet harsh conditions often found on the Coromandel Peninsula. 

And can give you advice on reflectivity and glare, compatibility with other metals, pitch and run-off from adjacent surfaces, which all need to be considered.


Matching your roof to spouting is easy, as they come from the same range of colours and offer multiple profiles.  And you get a 10 year warranty on paintwork and against corrosion. 

We also offer Aluminium spouting (which is suitable for all locations in our marine environment) with a variety of colour options within this range too. 

We offer a 5 year warranty on our workmanship. 

Click through to see a commercial site with 160 Half Round Magnaflow spouting in "Ironsand" https://archipro.co.nz/project/dockside-whitianga-waterways-peninsula-roofing-and-scaffolding

PVC/Plastic Spouting

PVC/Plastic spouting is standard product that has been available in NZ for many years. When choosing PVC/Plastic spouting you have a number of different profiles available and there is also a range of different colour options too.

PVC/Plastic spouting can be painted, however you need to be careful painting them as it can create other issues regarding expansion and contraction. Some of our profiles also have the option of external brackets instead of internal brackets, which helps when cleaning your roof and gutters. PVC/Plastic spouting is suitable for all areas.

Click through to see where we have used Marley Typhoon spouting https://archipro.co.nz/project/woodard-house-whitianga-cassa-homes